Police Lock Woman Up In Mental Hospital For Throwing Bacon, and Calling Them ‘Pigs’

You may have heard about the story out of Massachusetts, where a woman threw pork at a police station.

Lindsey McNamara said that she was only trying to “feed the pigs.” No one in their right mind could have believed she was doing anything other than insulting police officers. But the police testified in court Friday, that she was “mentally ill” and really believed that she was doing what she said.

McNamara was charged with disorderly conduct and malicious destruction of property after throwing the pork products at the Framingham Police Department.

Initially she had approached with a Dunkin’ Donuts box to gain the trust of police, but inside there was raw meat hidden.

She told the dispatcher “it’s time to feed the pigs,” then smeared raw bacon and sausage all over the safety window as well as throwing the meat on the counter. None of this actually destroyed property at all, but that didn’t stop police from charging her with destruction of property that was not in fact destroyed.

After saying that “God told me to come over there and feed the pigs,” and referring to her bail as being “sold” like slavery, police and the courts determined that she was mentally ill.

That’s right, Presidents and pastors can say that “God told” them to do any number of things, including invading sovereign nations, but this woman says that God told her to feed the pigs and she gets locked up in a mental hospital.

But Police Lt. Harry Wareham seemed to admit that her motives might have been political, rather than psychiatric. “There’s a lot of unrest regarding law enforcement, and I don’t know if [the incident] is related or not. There’s probably a lot more productive ways to voice her displeasure with police.”

I guess it’s better to just lock someone up in a mental hospital and find out later if they were making a political statement or not.

Welcome to 1984…

Source: http://truthfight.com/police-lock-woman-mental-hospital-throwing-bacon-calling-pigs/