Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw Cries Like a Baby As He’s Sentenced To 263 Years For Raping 13 Women

For all but one of his alleged victims, police investigators claim, Holtzclaw used his position on the force to run background checks for outstanding warrants or other means by which to coerce sex.

Prosecutors are now trying Holtzclaw for 36 counts including rape, sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy and stalking, to which Holtzclaw has pleaded not guilty.

Holtzclaw’s new defense has aggressively called into question his accusers for nothing more than their marijuana use, or drinking. In one case, their “checkered past” was simply having a suspended drivers licenses.

One women’s abuse advocate said that, “officers count on no one believing the victim if she reports.”

Diane Wetendorf, the head of a counseling group in Chicago for female victims of police abuse, added that they “know that the word of a woman of color is likely to be worth even less than the word of a white woman to those who matter in the criminal justice system.”

“There was nothing that I could do,” one woman testified on Monday.

She says that Holtzclaw drove her to a field, then raping her in the back of his police cruiser.

Finally, he left her there to fend for herself. “He was a police officer and I was a woman,” she added.

Another victim, a 17-year-old girl, recalls that Holtzclaw raped her on her mother’s front porch.

She was threatened with arrest for a minor trespassing warrant if she reported the rape.

Another woman explained “I didn’t think that no one would believe me.”

The Associated Press added that she said, “I feel like all police will work together… What am I going to do? Call the cops? He was a cop.”

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