Police Officer Knocks 3-Yr-Old Child Unconscious After Child “Angered” Him

PRINCE GEORGES, MD — A disturbing report has surfaced involving a police officer who has been indicted for child abuse.

Officer Francesco Marlett was indicted by a grand jury of second-degree child abuse.

The indictment stems from reports that Officer Marlett knocked a 3-yr-old child unconscious.

He knocked out the child after the child “angered him,” reports say. 

The child belonged to the Officer’s girlfriend at the the time.

He was watching the child while the girlfriend was in a separate room making some food.

At some point the child accidentally urinated in the bed.

This caused Officer Marlett to become “angry” and he reacted by inflicting physical violence on the child.

Reports say that Officer Marlett struck the child so hard that the child’s head impacted the wall nearby.

After the attack, the child lost consciousness.

The child had to be hospitalized.

Medical personnel at the hospital determined that the child suffered from a concussion.

Concussions have been known to cause permanent brain damage.

State Attorney Alsobrooks remarked that “there is no excuse for Officer Marlett’s actions.”

Adding, “No matter what may have happened, striking a defenseless child and causing this type of injury is never acceptable.”

When the incident first came to light, Officer Marlett was “investigated” by internal affairs and he was merely suspended, with pay.

Now that he has been indicted, he is suspended without pay.