Police Officer Placed On Leave For Public Facebook Comments


An Alamogordo Police officer’s public comments on social media have landed him in trouble with his department.

Even if you’re not friends with Robert Welles on Facebook, you can gather a lot of information about him. Multiple public pictures shared by the former Army Infantryman show he’s an Alamogordo Police officer.

He even dons his badge while hiking and having a smoke.

Now, Facebook comments made by Welles have landed him in hot water.

It all stems back to a “meme” on a public Facebook page that shares images for laughs. In this case, the topic of the picture was marijuana and police.

A man from out-of-state, who asked not to be identified, commented “F*** the police,” on the post.

In response to that man’s comment, Welles jumped in the thread and wrote, “Wouldn’t mind collectin your head and mountin it on a spike,” followed by “ignorant f***” and “…you are the dumbest f***ing idiot retard I’ve ever come across.”

“It didn’t bother me at all that he said what he said because it’s the Internet. Everyone thinks they’re tough on the Internet,” the man told KRQE News 13, “But the problem is, he thinks that way and he’s a cop, so he’s in public with a gun and he’s crazy.”

KRQE News 13 showed the comments to people on the streets.

“He represents the police force and that makes Alamogordo Police Department look bad,” Greg Lujan said.

“Everyone is entitled to their freedom of speech, but there is a certain line especially when you are in a position of higher authority and you are a police officer,” Adrianna Vigil said.

“I don’t feel that’s appropriate, he’s an authority figure,” a woman named Lauren said.

Alamogordo Police confirmed Welles is an officer with the department. According to his photos on Facebook, he’s been with Alamogordo Police since 2013.

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