Police Officer Resigns After Posting Racist Meme On Facebook

laytonA Layton City Police officer has resigned after posting an offensive meme on a prominent member of the NAACP’s Facebook page.

The Layton City Police Department said in a statement released Friday that the employee wrote a response on one of Bishop Talbert Swan’s posts “consisting of a meme, adding language that was clearly in violation of Layton City standard.”

The meme was posted in response to an article Swan had posted and began “WE WUZ KANGZ.”

The image appears to depict three black men performing a ritual on two white men’s genitals. It’s followed up with the statement, “No, you were [expletive] washers,” the expletive referring to male genitals.

2News censored the image below to remove offensive language and imagery.

The department determined the post came from one of its officers and put the officer on leave while it investigated. The department said he was cooperative with the investigation and eventually resigned. The investigation is now closed.

On June 9, Bishop Swan publicly posted on his personal Facebook page thanking Layton Police for their prompt response.

Cop who posted #Racist meme on my page resigned today. He anticipated being terminated on Monday. I commend Chief Allen Swanson and the Layton Utah Police Department for their professionalism, swift action, and intolerance for such despicable behavior. #StayWoke

Swan is a pastor, activist, author, radio talk show host and President of the Springfield, Massachusetts, NAACP chapter, according to his Facebook page. The NAACP is the oldest civil rights organization in the United States.

For the full story visit : http://kutv.com/news/local/layton-city-police-officer-resigns-after-posting-meme-on-naacp-leaders-facebook-page

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