Police Officers Took 1,196 American Lives in 2015

WASHINGTON, DC — As we enter a new year, it is time to reflect on the trail of bloodshed that police left behind in 2015.

A grand total of 1,196 Americans were killed by police.

It is important to note that this number only includes the reported killings.

Most police misconduct goes entirely unreported.

For all anybody knows, the actual number could be anywhere between 2,000-3,000.

At least 27% of the people killed by police were suffering from mental illness, and instead of getting the help they needed, they were exterminated.

The slayings have become so frequent that medical scientists at Harvard have recently announced that police killings ought to be counted as a national public health epidemic.

This also does not include the amount of cops who were reported for sexual misconduct, rape, and child molestation. These latter incidents occur so frequently — on average two or three cases per day, by our own estimates — that it becomes difficult for any one organization to keep track of them all.

The Guardian felt the need to start an interactive map that keeps track of all the (reported) police killings, since intelligence agencies in the US will not do it accurately.

On the other hand, the number of police officers who were killed by gunfire has dropped dramatically — a nearly 15% reduction compared to previous years.

It is therefore puzzling as to why cops and their mainstream media lapdogs continue to insist that there is a “War on Cops” in America.

The numbers don’t lie. And the numbers show that, if there is a war, it is a war being waged by cops against We the People.

The amount of beatings, tasings, false convictions, and thefts committed by police is also far too high to keep track of.

These killings come at a time when the US also has the largest prison population on planet Earth — and the vast majority of prisoners are non-violent people who were caught with substances that the US Government deems to be illegal. This is a result of the War on Drugs, a catastrophic human rights disaster.

Bringing this all together, the number of Americans either killed, raped, brutalized in some manner, or locked in prison because of cops could total in the millions.

Throughout history, it has always been a select group of people who have caused untold suffering to the human race.

This group is not the politicians. It is not even brutal dictators.

It has been, and still is, that subset of individuals in society known collectively as “police.” The enforcer class. The hall monitors of history.

You may think that our problem is the corrupt laws written by politicians, or unchecked political power in the hands of presidents and prison corporations. But these are abstractions.

When you look at what is happening concretely on the ground, in the flesh and blood, you will find that one group of individuals is initiating physical violence on those outside of its group.

That group of individuals has always been, throughout the modern period, the police.

Without the willing participation of these individuals, the scandalous laws written by politicians and approved by presidents would be mere ink scribblings on paper; opinions, at best.

It is not until a select group of individuals choose to be the personal manifestation of these opinions by enforcing them at gunpoint that they gain any real traction in society.

As 2016 unfolds, let’s become even more conscious of this reality and do whatever is in our power to change it in an ultimate, permanent manner.

Watch the documentary The Largest Street Gang in America below (full):

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