Police Shot this Army Veteran’s Rescue Dog to Death When Raiding His House “By Mistake”

Arguably, it is a case of lack of empathy at the very least.

Perhaps, Arroyo said it best.

“How would they feel if somebody ran into their house and did that to them?”

Watch the video below:


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  • Member548

    Where’s that ignorant trailer trash “JC” at. I want to hear his ridiculous defense of officers in this situation while sponging off tax payers laying on his dead white trash trailer park ass.

    Or maybe “big man” Common Sense. Come out and play, just be careful because 80% of the population would have to reach down to knock the chip off your shoulder.

  • FEster

    Let’s just call for their heads and be done with it. You know the drill. Heads, spikes, walls. The only good pig is hanging in the smokehouse.