Police Tase Man Twice After He Listened to Music “Too Loud”; Falsey Imprison Him

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When Jeremiah Kendrick boarded a Pennsylvania bus in October 2013, he was hoping it would be a smooth ride to work.

Unfortunately, that was not to be.

The 21-year-old was sitting down, minding his own business and had his ear buds on when the bus driver yelled at him to turn down his music.

He had not realized that Kendrick was wearing buds.

However, when he clarified this to the driver saying that it could not have been his music the man got upset and called the police.

Upper Moreland cops Sergeant Peter Ruddle and Officer Matthew Snyder responded to the call.

Kendrick says they cursed and shouted at him as soon as they arrived; they also tased him unnecessarily, he says.

The officers dragged him outside and while he was lying on the ground, trying to protect his head and face from being attacked, in the parking lot of a Willow Grove convenience store – the cops used the taser on him twice.

Criminal charges, including resisting arrest, were then pressed and he was placed under custody.

Two months ago the Montgomery County prosecutors decided to drop the allegations against Kendrick, after defense showed a cell phone video of what happened inside the bus as evidence of his innocence.

It was taken when he asked for help from his fellow passengers and one of them decided to capture on his phone how he was being treated by the officers.

Apparently, what was contained in the footage was in stark contrast with the testimony delivered by Ruddle and Snyder.

Effectively proving that in addition to abusing Kendrick, the two had also lied to the court.

In the video, the young man can be heard asking – “tell me how you are going to get me to work on time”.

One of the police officers then says,”I don’t have to tell you –, get off the bus”.

Commenting on the county’s move to drop charges, Kendrick said he was glad that the video had appeared.

“I think it was a smart decision on their [prosecutors’] part,”

Now, the tables have turned and he has lodged a civil lawsuit that accuses the two cops of breaching his constitutional rights, false arrest and imprisonment, and assault.

His attorney Thomas Malone says his client was clearly mistreated.

The police department declined to comment, while the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office says the matter is under review.

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