Police Mistakenly Opened Fire on Fellow Cop and Killed Him



BALTIMORE — The incident began when several patrons at the club began fighting with each other.

Officer William H. Torbit Jr. was called to the nightclub to stop the fight and make sure everybody was safe.

Officer Torbit was dressed in plainclothes at the time, giving the appearance that he was an ordinary citizen.

Officer Torbit is said to have jumped into the crowd and started separating people.

But one man, Sean Gamble, didn’t like the way Officer Torbit was treating the women in the crowd.

So Sean threw a punch at Officer Torbit. Then several people in the crowd began jumping Officer Torbit.

Officer Torbit, although dressed in plainclothes, was armed at the time. After he was punched by Sean and mobbed by the crowd, he pulled out his gun and fatally shot Sean.

By that time more officers had showed up to the scene.

They pulled out guns and fired 34 shots, opening fire near the crowd.

Three women in the crowd were hit by bullets.

Officer Torbit himself was killed by the gunfire.

The officers didn’t realize that they had just killed one of their own until they stopped shooting.

A lawsuit was filed against the officers, but the judge has dismissed the case, ruling that what they did was reasonable.

The officers claim that they felt like Officer Torbit may have been an active shooter. They evidently did not consider whether he might have been defending himself from an unruly crowd.

Moreover, attorneys for Officer Torbit’s side stated that the officers who killed him failed to render aid.

They also stated that officers had time to identify Torbit but reacted right away instead by shooting him.

“All they had to do to avoid his death was take a second look at his face,” said one of the attorneys.

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