Police Trained to Believe Founding Fathers Were “Terrorists”


This took place quite some time ago, but amazingly many people have never seen it.

And it is perhaps more instructive now than ever, to be aware that this kind of programming of values and worldview considerations is taking place.

Given that has been taking place for over a decade, one wonders what they are being trained to believe now.

“Who was the first terrorist organization in the United States?” the speaker asks.

There’s an anxious silence as the audience, evidently made up of police officers, tries to figure it out.

“The founding fathers,” he finally answers.

The speaker is not being metaphorical. He really wants them to believe it, going so far as to name names.

Paul Revere, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson.

“Your founding fathers were involved in acts of terrorism”

He then seems to add the following justification:

“Because they systematically had British officials assassinated. Assassinated!”

Right away one can hear the officers agreeing, as if they are accepting it as gospel truth without bothering to give it a moment’s worth of critical thought.

Not mentioned, of course, were the systematic violations of basic human rights that led the founding fathers to consider such measures.

It is not an “act of terrorism” to seek safety from oppression.

It is called self-defense. It is called protecting one’s family.

It is called being a human with instincts.

To call basic instincts for safety an “act of terrorism” is an abuse of language.

There is no law of nature, nothing about the universe, that entails that people seeking safety from oppression are “terrorists.”

It is a myth, often invented and promulgated by the “officials” themselves.

What do real acts of terrorism look like?

How about starting wars, engineering our poverty and sickness, poisoning our food, collecting our private data and using it to control us, twisting our education, and so on.

But leave aside “soft kill” operations.

As a matter of historical fact, governments directly killed over a quarter billion human beings last century. And that is direct murder. It does not include deaths from the wars.

Put that in perspective.

Killing over a quarter billion human beings, throwing their corpses into mass graves.

Or, firing muskets at “redcoats” trying to burn down your farm and rape your wife, and trying to assassinate their leaders.

Which one seems more terroristic to you?

He then ended on a note about terrorists killing 10,000 civilians with a biological agent.

It is not clear whether he meant to contextually align the founding fathers with a terrorist who would do such a thing.

What is most striking about this video, though, is not the lecturer.

It is the uncritical manner in which the police, who apparently composed the audience being trained, accepted what he was saying, enthusiastically.

“Oh yeah,” says an officer, right at the moment the speaker paints the founding father as terrorists.

Nods of approval can be observed, along with motionless trance-like postures of acceptance.

Watch the video below:


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