Police Wouldn’t Stop Abuse and Rape of 300 Children Despite Receiving Multiple Reports For Six Years


We are forced to pay them money from our hard-earned paychecks, and in exchange they’re supposed to protect us.

But here’s what they really do with our money — they use it for:

-Buying high-tech militarized equipment to play with (such as MRAP tanks and assault rifles)
-Writing us tickets and fining us for victimless activities like possessing an herb.
-Harassing us at unconstitutional checkpoints.
-Spying on us without warrants via the use of Federal fusion centers.

And so on.

Meanwhile, real violent crimes are being committed and the police are mostly nowhere to be found.

In the most recent case, as many as 700 children may have been abused and raped, or are currently at risk of such, but the police “failed to stop it” according to reports.

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An investigation into the failure of police to stop the abuse — and in some cases, violent sexual torture — of hundreds of young girls has concluded that there are at least 300 victims.

Multiple complaints were filed with the police in hopes that the girls would be saved, but the police apparently had more important things to do.

Most of the children were in a “care” facility where they were being abused, sometimes sexually, by adult men.

The abuse continued over the course of 15 years during which police altogether failed to take action on any of the reports.

The Guardian reported a particularly gruesome case of a 12-yr-old girl who was repeatedly violently raped.

The child described what happened to her as “torture sex,” suggesting that sadistic pain infliction may have been involved.

Eventually the child became pregnant, and was then forced to have an abortion on the streets.

Her body was sexually tortured for at least six years, according to reports.

There were numerous instances where police could have acted on the complaints to prevent further abuse, but they did not do so, allowing it to continue uninterrupted, according to reports.

In another case, as many as half a dozen young girls between the ages of 11 and 15 were literally enslaved and violently abused.

Given that they had so many opportunities to stop the abuse that was brought to their attention and they allowed it to continue, many wonder if the police themselves were in on it.

Some suspect that the police may have been getting paid by the abusers to “look the other way” or perhaps police were participating in the abuse.

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At least seven men have been convicted as of May 2013, but there are many more at large and they may never be found.

In either case, the abuse could have been stopped long ago, but was not.

Apparently police were too busy issuing tickets to people on their way to work, arresting people for carrying a harmless plant, and meeting other dubious quotas.

Girls had gone missing over and over again in multiple cities, and many of the children might still be enslaved as the scandal is just now unfolding.

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The Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children’s Board is expected to publish a lengthy, detailed report in the coming days, shedding more light on how the abuse continued for so long, and why the police did not prevent it despite receiving reports about it.

This article will be updated as more information is made available.