Politician Openly Calls for Black Race to be Disarmed, “They’re the Main Killers”



A disturbing report that first surfaced on Counter Current News shows a screen captured tweet that is now going viral online.

Randy Pullen, a representative of the republican party in Arizona was busy on Twitter Tuesday night as the Democratic presidential debates took place.

While there has been a lot of invective and rhetoric from all directions — typical for a presidential race — nobody quite expected a politician to take things this far.

The declaration targeted out the black race and expressed a view according to which they, but not other races, should not be allowed to own firearms.

This is because black people are “the main killers.”

Right about the time when the Democratic presidential candidates were asked if they preferred “Black Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter,” the tweet popped up.

As follows:


Thanks to Counter Current News for getting this out.

How do you feel about a person involved so intimately in politics calling for an entire race of people to be disarmed?

Regardless of your opinion on the broader issue of gun control, a moment’s reflection on history would suggest that such ideas ought to be shunned and rejected.