Private Investigator Says Man Shot Dead by Police Disarmed Assailant Preventing Murder

Protesters marching in Appleton are looking for answers after a fatal bar shooting. A Milwaukee man was shot by police and died last weekend at Jack’s Apple Pub.

Just before bar close at Jack’s Apple Pub on May 21st, gunshots and chaos were caught on camera. Police responded to the scene and an officer shot and killed a 33-year-old Jimmie Montel Sanders of Milwaukee. Police say Sanders was armed.

One week later, demonstrators say they still don’t know why he was shot. Although according to a private investigator that has been hired by the victims family, Sanders took the gun of Milwaukee man Henry Nellum, preventing a murder from happening but was mistakenly shot by the police when they arrived at the scene.

Demonstrators blocked off sections of College Avenue in Appleton where Sanders was killed. Milwaukee activist Tory Lowe says the police aren’t telling the full story.

“Jimmie didn’t have a gun,” Lowe said.

Henry Nellum is facing a charge of ‘attempted first-degree intentional homicide’ after his role in the incident.
Prosecutors say Nellum and Sanders got into a fist fight with another man named Leander Moffitt and a gun went off and Moffitt was nearly hit by the bullet. As the two men were fighting, another man and a woman tried to separate them.

“At this point we think he took the gun from the assailant and then he was shot. So if he is the victim, we’ll find out,” said Daniel Storm the private investigator hired by the family.

Lowe says Saturday’s demonstration is part of a longer process to find answers.

“It’s going to take everybody, white, red, black, brown; the division is not necessary,” said Lowe.

The Green Bay Police Department have not yet confirmed what they believed happened and is handling the ongoing investigation.