Pro Athletes Come Out in Droves to Protest Police, Fans Pour Out Massive Support

US — Professional NFL and NBA athletes are beginning to come out in droves protesting police brutality.

It started when the St. Louis Rams put made the symbolic “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture before one of their games.

They did this as an act of protest against the police killing of Michael Brown.

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Police evidently wanted to dig their hole deeper, and responded to the gesture by demanding that the NFL players be “disciplined.”

Now that word has spread about more victims of police murder — names like Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Rumain Brisbon, among others —  more professional athletes are coming forward and protesting police brutality.

This is something that police take very seriously, since professional athletes have a massive influence on the American public.

In fact professional athletes are capable of reaching untold millions more, drowning out the deception of “police reports” that media lapdogs faithfully promulgate.

Because of what the athletes are doing, an unstoppable momentum may continue to build in protests and clashes with police.

The public, in turn, has supported the athletes for speaking out.

Among the athletes doing this are:

Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose, wearing a shirt that reads “I can’t breathe” in support of Eric Garner, an unarmed man who was choked to death by police.


“Usually athletes tend to stay away from this, but I just felt as if I had to do something about it,” said Rose.

Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush also protested with an “I can’t breathe” shirt, receiving enormous praise from the audience.

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Chris Baker, a defensive lineman, raised his hands in the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture, spreading what the St. Louis Rams started.


LeBron James and Kyrie Irving displayed “I can’t breathe” shirts.

Kevin Garnett, Deron Williams, Jarrett Jack, Alan Anderson also wore “I can’t breathe” shirts, as did many Lakers players.

1208-jay-z-black-out-nets-twitter-4Jay-Z did not have access to shirt at the time but made it a point to appear with the athletes to express his support.



As the movement against the violence of police continues to grow, more athletes from all sports can be expected to continue showing their support, fanning the flames of justice throughout the nation.

Watch what police did to Eric Garner, and never forget: