Protesters Call for “Killing People” and Burning White House – Could This Cause Martial Law?

At an anti-Trump protest in Seattle this weekend, a protester openly declared that they need to start killing people. She added that the White House and presidents “must go” too.

“We need to start killing people.”

“We need to start killing the White House,” they added.

“The White House must die. The White House, your fucking White House, your fucking Presidents, they must go!”

“Fuck the White House,” she added, to which another protester responded, “Burn it!”

These calls for violence were mixed with more familiar statements like “fuck white supremacy and fuck the US empire.”

Everyone has freedom of speech and the freedom to express radical political views.

But calling for violence is what will justify greater police power, and even the potential for martial law.

Watch the video below:

The video has been severely downvoted. One commenter responded as follows:

I’m a Native American from a small tribe of barely 2,000 souls in South Carolina. You don’t speak for me.

America is the greatest country on earth. I, like most every other kid in my generation, grew up eating cereal in my Underoos while watching Saturday morning cartoons. My family was dirt poor for most of my childhood. We usually didn’t even have cable and there were some times where we had to spend all day hunting just to have something to eat at all when it got rough because there was no work.

But we had opportunity.

My parents moved so my father could work steel in Ohio. I went to school and got a trade. I spent a good many years working trade with the Amish and contractors til I went into business for myself. I took out a loan and spent many sleepless nights wondering if I was going to make it.

Today I run a small business of 9 other souls and we’re doing very well. I’m very well off and enjoying my life. I just bought my parents a new house that’s very fine for them to grow old in not far from me.

America is a land of opportunity where the only thing stopping you is YOU. If you don’t like it, leave it, but just know that you failed because of YOU. In America, no one is standing on your neck and no one owes you or me a damned thing. We all have our own problems and pretending like you’re the only one who struggles is disgusting and disrespectful and un-American.

In another incident, protesters labeled a man “nazi” and beat him unconscious because he disagreed with their dislike of Trump.

In addition to the direct acts of violence, many people who claim to be peaceful and loving are using the labels “nazi” and “fascist” to dehumanize 60+ million people who do not share their dislike of Trump.

These labels can function to give fringe protesters a “no holds barred” approach to those who disagree with them, as they think that any actions toward “nazis” and “fascists” are justified.

Police have conducted themselves professionally compared to what we’ve seen in past protests, but many suspect that they will become more aggressive if the violent rhetoric and actions increase, up to the point of the national guard being called upon, or worse, martial law being declared.