Public School Now Programming Children to Celebrate Police State and Dress in Blue to “Thank Cops”

brainwashed children


BAKERSFIELD — Elementary school children are now being pressured to obediently offer their support for the police state.

Like Martin Luther King Jr. Day, cops are trying to start their own new holiday called “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day,” as if they are an oppressed group who struggle to overcome tyranny.

Worse, impressionable children were instructed to celebrate it.

The Fresno People’s Media notes  that the day “isn’t actually a holiday at all, but rather a political stunt sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Police.”

Aimee Williamson is a wife of the Bakersfield Police Chief. She is also the principle of North Beardsley Elementary School.

Aimee took it upon herself to send an email to teachers at the school asking them to celebrate the artificial holiday, according to reports.

Imagine that you entrust your child to the care of strangers for about six hours a day.

How would you feel if these strangers took it upon themselves to install various political programming into your child’s fragile mind?

How would you feel if you found out that these strangers are essentially brainwashing your child to become a domesticated police-worshiping slave?

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One of the teachers at the school, after receiving the email, instructed children to “write a letter” to the Bakersfield Police department and “thank them” for “arresting the bad guys and keeping the city safe.”

The children were also instructed to dress in blue clothes — as if they are now to wear uniforms —  register their loyal support for police on January 9th, according to reports. 

When parents found out about what was happening, they became upset, according to reports.

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One child, whose father was killed in Bakersfield police custody, was reported to have stayed home from school, ruining his otherwise perfect attendance record.

North Beardsley Elementary School has so far declined to comment about the incident, according to reports.

Watch an award-winning former school teacher explain how public schools are indoctrination centers to mold the minds of children into obedient vessels for State control

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