Punched, kicked, dragged from my home by my hair for no reason

nine days before xmas 2013 I had been out tree shopping with my girl (tracy), we stopped for dinner on the way home. Tracy decided to go to her sisters house after dinner and I went home. I fell asleep on the couch with the TV on and on the loud side. Tracy who is a nurse got an emergency call to report to work but before she could report for duty she needed to get her laptop from our home that contained vital medical info that she needed. When she tried to get into the house the door was locked and didn’t have her keys, after ringing and banging on the door and getting no response because I was out like a light she called 911 and told them the situation. Two cops arrive and right of the bat she senses one cop has areal bad attitude ,talikin down to her. They go to my garage door and enter the house ,when they make their way to the living room and see me sleeping the one cop with the attitude yells at the top of his lungs and that got my attention, I jumped off the couch not knowing who the hell was in my house. Who TF are you wtf do you want? Well after a few seconds I gathered my senses a woke, saw it was cops….. ok what do they want? The one cop who seemed cool started to explain when all of a sudden the nut starts yelling in my face didn’t you hear me calling you??? Well no I didn’t I was sleeping. Next thing he demands my ID…..I don’t know where I put it and Im slow at getting it he says you got 3 seconds then you get arrested!!!!! Ok so now now I move quicker and give it to him, he wants to know why my license is restricted, I point to the couch and say that’s not a Cadillac you need to get out of my house, I walk to my front door area and point to the door tell them to get out, Capt America sucker punches me ………..I go over the dining room table and both of them pounce on me get me in cuffs drag me by my hair out the front door down the concrete steps down 20 ft on pavement into the street load me into their car and off we go. He claims I pushed him case over. I am leaving NY where this happened and will sleep with a legal gun from then on.

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