Racist Grindr User Revealed To Be Louisiana Cop

A Grindr user who sent racist and abusive messages to a black man has been revealed to be a Louisiana police officer.

The messages were sent to Charles Davis, a recent graduate of Louisiana State University, by an anonymous user identified only as “Top.”

The user accused Davis of stealing his cap and gown, insinuating that he wasn’t good enough to have graduated from LSU. He went on to call him “black ratchet” and directed a racial slur at him.

Davis later shared screenshots of the exchange on Twitter.

Since the messages started to circulate online, it was discovered that the anonymous user is a member of the Gonzales Police Department.

While the officer hasn’t been named, Police Chief Sherman Jackson has confirmed that an investigation into the matter will take place: “We will not sweep anything under the rug.”

Jackson explained that the cop in question has been on the force for 20 years and is still serving as an officer. He added that he wouldn’t be put on leave because he wasn’t a “threat to the community.”

Source: http://www.newnownext.com/charles-davis-louisiana-racist-police-grindr/05/2017/