Racist Police In Alabama Planted Drugs And Guns On Over 1,000 Innocent Black Men

Black men in Alabama were racially profiled and made criminals by a group of racist police. According to the Henry County Report, the incidents occurred in Dothan, Alabama where at least 12 White police officers involved.

The officers were a part of a narcotics team and were supervised by Lt. Steve Parrish, who is now Dothan’s Police Chief, and Andy Hughes, Asst. Director of Homeland Security for Alabama. The officers would target innocent Black men and plant drugs and weapons on them. Black men would be arrested and charged by District Attorney Doug Valeska. Valeska knew that the drugs were being planted and continued to prosecute while protecting the officers.

Nearly 1,000 innocent Black men were arrested and falsely prosecuted and many of the Black men who were falsely arrested are still in jail serving time.

Beginning in 1996, the families of the Black men who were convicted began to complain. However, they were often ignored.

It took a group of White police officers who noticed the crimes and shared the information with Internal Affairs Division for an investigation to take place. It was soon discovered that the police officers who planted the drugs and weapons were members of a racist terrorist organization that was designated as a hate group.

It proves, once again, that police officers and district attorneys across the nation are not being vetted properly. How was it possible for a racist organization to have that much control and power over a police department? The United States continues to fail its Black citizens by ignoring obvious mistreatment that goes unpunished.

Since the initial investigation, most of the racist officers involved have advanced in their careers and hold prominent positions. The group of officers who presented the evidence to Internal Affairs Division are willing to testify against the racist officers if U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch assigns a special prosecutor from outside of Alabama to handle the case.

Source: https://urbanintellectuals.com/2015/12/06/racist-police-alabama-planted-drugs-guns-1000-innocent-black-men/#ixzz4u736ZCRH