When This Woman Stopped at a Checkpoint, She Was Raped by a Cop at Gunpoint: Report



BOYNTON BEACH — A 20-year-old woman has accused a former Boynton Beach police officer of raping her.

It has been around 11 months since police arrested him on charges of armed sexual battery by a law enforcement officer, armed kidnapping and unlawful compensation for official behavior while armed.

The department took action following a complaint against Maiorino.

A woman had come forward claiming that he forced her to have sex unless she wanted to find herself behind bars.

Her grievance would not have held much credibility without the damning evidence that she provided.

She directed the authorities to an abandoned industrial property and told them that they would find a used condom and condom wrapper at the location.

Boynton police say she was right – the items were indeed discovered at the address.

Maiorino is accused of raping his victim on the hood of the squad car, at gunpoint.

He resigned after his arrest.

Investigators have pieced together evidence to get an understanding of the events that led up to the incident.

According to them, it all started when a man was arrested on charges of drunken driving.

Accompanying the driver was the 20-year-old.

Maiorino agreed to drive her to the police department so she could get a ride back.

Instead of following the original plan, he took her to a deserted location and asked her to have sex with him unless she wanted to be arrested as well, reports say.

The victim says that he threatened to harm her family if she told anyone.

Following this, he raped her at gunpoint.

If convicted with armed rape and kidnapping Maiorino could be facing a life sentence.

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