REPORT: Officer Convinced Teen Girl to Get in His Car, Then Raped Her and Said He’d “Knock Her Out” if She Screamed

GEORGIA — A now-former officer with the Georgia Department of Juvenile “Justice” has been charged with the rape of a teenage girl, according to reports. 

Officer Tysan Thomas worked in multiple positions with young teenage boys and girls.

He first worked at Eastman Youth Development Campus. Later he took up a position at the Macon Regional Youth Detention Center.

According to official statements, Officer Thomas pulled up and convinced the girl to get inside of his car for a ride to her home.

Instead of taking her home, Officer Thomas locked his car doors from the inside and then drove her to a different location, according to reports. 

That’s when Thomas reportedly began raping the girl. 

The warrant states that at one point during the rape, Officer Thomas reached his hand over and covered the girl’s mouth shut, and threatened to “knock her out” if she screamed.

When questioned by an investigator, Officer Thomas claimed that he “did not do anything” to the victim.

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DNA testing for a sexual assault kit was performed on Officer Thomas and turned out to match the DNA taken as evidence from the scene.


Thomas has resigned from his job.

Morever, during his employment Officer Thomas had been claiming that he was an active duty soldier.

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But an investigation revealed that that claim was false.

In addition to the rape charge, he has also been charged with making false statements, theft, and forgery, according to reports. 

He is currently being held without bail.


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