Raw Footage Shows Heavily Militarized Police Training to Invade Homes on American Soil



DEKALB — A citizen has uploaded raw footage to CopBlock.org showing what appears to be heavily militarized police lined up outside an abandoned home, as if discussing the most effective way to raid it.

It turns out that the police were engaging in live tactical training related to raiding homes on American soil, according to reports.

How would you feel if someone who looks like this broke into your home?
How would you feel if someone who looks like this broke into your home?

It just goes to show that, today, someone may have been practicing how to kill you. What were you doing?

The citizen who submitted the footage added his own commentary, as follows:

“If you’re wondering how your tax payer dollars are being spent in DeKalb Illinois, wonder no further. Up to twenty-five officers were training in condemned houses today on Pearl street,” he says.

“Most of the officers were in tactical gear carrying battering rams, blast shields etc. What was once the sleepy town of DeKalb is no longer sleepy.”

“In this video, you can clearly hear an officer caution me to move away from the training location because they were using live flash-bangs. The training was being conducted in a residential area, with occupied houses residing directly next door to the “training” houses. This is the police state.”

Watch the video below: