Raw Video Shows Cop Choking Child Continuously Until Child Goes Limp, Collapses and Gets Brain Damage


Steve Watson | InfoWars.com


Video has finally been released of a vicious incident involving a school security officer in Louisville, KY, who choked out a student half his size and dropped him to the ground, resulting in brain damage.

Officer Jonathan Hardin is facing charges of assault, wanton endangerment, official misconduct and false swearing after it emerged that on multiple separate occasions he used extreme excessive physical force on students at Olmstead Academy North Middle School.

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The surveillance footage, released following a probable cause hearing on Thursday shows the excited student running into Hardin, in what has been described as an attempt to ‘chest bump’ the officer.

Hardin was off balance, however, and fell to the ground, causing him to become angry and charge at the student.

The video shows Hardin lifting the 13-year-old child into the air with a chokehold.

The child kicks and flails around before becoming limp and lifeless.

Hardin then drops the student to the ground, resulting in what a doctor has described as “an injury to the brain” due to loss of blood flow.

Sargeant Rivera of the LMPD noted in court that the video is consistent with strangulation.

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The video shows that the boy laid unconscious on the ground for a short time. Instead of calling for medical help, Hardin opted to handcuff the child and isolate him for the entire day.

Watch video below:

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