Raw Video Shows Cop Use His Knee to Crush Woman’s Neck, Strip Her Belt Off


DENVER, CO — A disturbing video has surfaced online showing an officer putting his hands all over a woman and crushing her neck.

He was doing this in order to strip her belt off of her pants.

The woman can be seen struggling to protect herself as the larger officer towers over her.

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Eventually, the officer can be seen using the weight of his body to sit on the woman with his knee.

He can be seen in the video using his knee to crush the woman’s neck, depriving her of oxygen.


Moments later, the woman is seen going limp and collapsing like a wet dish rag onto the ground.

The officer then makes some snide comments and walks away, locking her in a cell unattended as if nothing happened.

While he was pinning her down and grabbing at her belt, Officer Medina can be heard saying “don’t bite me” — curiously, the video does not seem to show the woman “biting” Medina.

If she did not bite him, would this suggest that Officer Medina was simply saying “don’t bite me” in order to cover his tracks because he knew he was being recorded, similar to how cops say “stop resisting” as they beat people?

But even if the woman did bite the offficer, it is clear that the officer initiated physical force and that the woman was scared. If a cop put his hands all over your wife or daughter like this and tried to strip her belt from her pants, would you expect your loved one to defend herself, or would you expect her to lie down and take it?

Officer James Medina was fired from the police department for using excessive force and for his failure to report what he did to the woman.

Officer Medina put the woman in “great and unnecessary risk of serious bodily injury or death,” according to reports.

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Despite the video evidence and the findings of the investigation, Officer Medina intends to take his job back, and is fighting the punishment.

The report found that when Officer Medina used his knee to pin down the woman’s neck, it “likely caused her to become unconscious.”

Medina used “inappropriate force when he engaged in a physical struggle” in the holding cell with Trujillo, according to the report, placing his knee on her neck which “likely caused her to become unconscious.”

Officer Medina “did not obtain any medical attention” for the woman after he did this to her, nor did he seek female personnel to strip the woman’s belt off, according to reports.

Watch the video below: