Raw Video Shows Cops Ramming Handcuffed Man Into Wall, Kneeing Him


LAS CRUCES — After video was released showing two cops bludgeoning a man in handcuffs, the department has decided to “fire” them.

Whether that means they will actually be convicted and punished is still an open question.

Mark D’Antonio, the 3rd Judicial District Attorney, stated that he will soon decide whether to pursue charges on the officers.

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Officers Richard Garcia and Danny Salcido were seen in the raw video footage beating a man who was already restrained and could not fight back to defend himself.

Must take a lot of courage to do something like that to a restrained individual.

In the video the officers are seen ramming Ross Flynn’s body into walls.

They can be seen kneeing him.

“The allegations against both officers were reviewed, and it was found that these officers violated internal policies and procedures which warranted their discharge from employment with the Las Cruces Police Department,” said LCPD Chief of Police Jaime Montoya.

Officers Garcia and Salcido were fired on Monday, according to reports.

Flynn has filed a civil suit for $12.5 million, stating that his civil rights were violated by the officers.

Flynn was initially arrested for “obstructing” police activity and “assault,” the police claim, among other charges.

Of course, police are professional liars and their paychecks depend on how many people they can arrest and stuff in cages, so it’s anybody’s guess as to why police originally arrested this man.\

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“There was no basis for them to arrest him in the manner they did. They had a gun out pointed at him. We’re alleging there was no need to use a Taser, which they used. We’re also alleging the charges were trumped up, that they’re maliciously prosecuting Mr. Flynn,” said Flynn’s attorney.

Watch the video below to see what they did to him.