Reclusive Cop Charged With 21 Counts of Downloading and Sharing Child Pornography

eric lund

FAIRFIELD — Neighbors had always been confused as to why Sergeant Eric Lund, a police spokesman, was otherwise silent and withdrawn.

They say that he almost never came out of his house and never spoke to them.

Sergeant Lund was with the California Highway Patrol.

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When he wasn’t giving statements to the press on behalf of police, he might have been pulling over people and arresting them for the victimless “crime” of having a plant in their car.

But the mystery of why he rarely left his house and almost never talked to anybody seems to have been solved.

It turns out that he was busy watching children being exploited for pornographic films, according to reports.

He has been accused of selling or sending obscene matter depicting a child.

Sergent Lund was looking at child pornography not only off duty, but also while he was on duty in uniform, according to reports.

A hard drive was found in his vehicle with numerous videos containing young children being exploited in sex scenes.

Sergeant Lund was charged with 21 counts of downloading and sharing child pornography.

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“I have five kids, so I don’t like hearing about that,” said a Fairfield resident who heard about the case.

Lund has already been released on bail, and he has been given administrative leave by his department.