Records Suggest Girl Begged for Her Life in Jail but Staff Let Her Die of Dehydration


05/01/17 | DUCHESNE COUNTY, UT —

A tragic death has occurred in the Duchesne County Jail, and records are leading some to wonder whether there was any foul play on the part of the jail staff.

Madison Jensen, 21, had been struggling through an opioid addiction.

The addiction had a profound impact on her personality, and at some point her family called the police, according to reports.

It is one of the latest tragedies in a growing problem of addiction to opiates in the US. Many of the addictions form after citizens receive prescriptions from their doctors for pain relief. The image below shows how the problem is worsening over time:

For reasons that are unclear, Madison was eventually locked in the county jail.

And that is where the nightmare began.

Upon arrival to the jail she no longer had access to drugs, nor did she have access to the anti-depressant medication she had been taking, reports say. 

She began to suffer from severe withdrawals and her health began to deteriorate.

Her body began to break down and she soon suffered from recurring diarrhea and vomiting.

At one point she requested medical assistance but it was denied due to a typo she made in the date section, according to reports. 

Eventually, she was found dead in her cell after dehydrating.

What is particularly troubling is that the records indicate she asked for medical help and was trying to survive.

“Can’t hold anything down. Not even water,” she stated in one of her medical requests.

Questions have come up about whether the guards or staff knew she was dying but let it happen rather than helping her.

Matters are even more complicated because surveillance video from the facility is not being released by those in charge.

Now the Duchesne County attorney, Stephen Foote, is examining the case to see whether it is appropriate bring criminal charges on the jail staff.

Madison had lost 40 pounds in four days, a condition that, it would seem, was observable to guards.

As the attorney’s investigation proceeds, it is expected that more details will be released pertaining to the question of why Madison was allowed to dehydrate in the jail.