Reports Surface that Berkeley Cops Were Told to Stand Down

Protesters were enabled to riot in Berkely, and reports are surfacing that the mayor of Berkeley, CA, Jesse Arreguin, allegedly ordered SWAT and campus police to stand down.

The predominantly white protesters began setting property on fire and beating innocent citizens with poles.

The riots began after someone named Milo was scheduled to speak on the UC Berkeley campus. Milo is a LGBTQ Jewish immigrant who was on the campus to give a talk about free speech.

Many of the protesters accused him of being a “nazi” due to his alleged support for Trump, and demanded that he not be allowed to speak.

The rioters showed up in droves and shut the event down, then took to the surrounding areas and began destroying property.

Innocent citizens who were caught up in the mob were beaten unconscious and pepper sprayed by the rioters.

What has the Internet enraged is that the cops were allegedly told to stand down!





The FBI is now investigating the Mayor of Berkeley after reports began circulating that he directly or indirectly gave the stand down order to the police.

We will have more details as this story unfolds.