Road Rage Cop Pulls Gun on Elderly Couple, Pounds Husband’s Face and Shatters His Teeth Out


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO — A small town in St. Louis County has been rocked after reports surfaced indicating that a police officer brutally attacked an elderly couple.

The incident began when Janet and Donald Akers were driving on Mother’s day to visit Janet’s deceased mother in a cemetery.

Janet and Donald brought flowers with them to place on the grave — unfortunately, they never made it.

That’s because a cop was driving on the same road as them in a big black truck.

The truck was about to ram Janet and Donald off the road, which prompted Janet, who was driving, to honk her horn.

“To let him know, hey, you’re coming over to hit us, and then he backed down, got behind us, and honked and honked and honked, all the way through the intersection,” said Janet.

Because of the harassment and honking, Janet pulled her car to the side of the road.

That’s when the unthinkable happened.

The cop got out of his truck and started approaching the elderly couple, and he was armed with a gun, according to reports.

“I didn’t know if he was going to shoot us or what,” recalls Donald, who was afraid it might be his last day alive at the time.

At that point, the officer used the gun to pistol whip Donald in the face.

“He hit me right across the nose with it, broke my nose, my sinus cavities, broke my teeth.”

At that point Janet tried to stop the officer and rushed to her husband’s defense, but luckily bystanders were able to break up the fight.

It only gets worse — when Janet called 911 hoping for some help, cops showed up and began laughing with the officer who pistol whipped her husband, she says.

“The police came, and went over directly to him. And they were all talking, laughing, joking around,” she says.

“We feel like they knew him right off the bat,” she added.

That’s when the officers who arrived at the scene mentioned to Donald that the attacker was “an off-duty” confirming that it was a cop.

Despite his face being shattered, the responding officers did not offer Donald any medical treatment right away, and instead searched his car as if he was a criminal.

“They never searched that guy’s truck. He had the gun,” Donald said.

The St Louis County Police have said that the investigation into the incident is still ongoing, and so the name of the off-duty officer involved has not been released.

Will this be another case of cops getting off the hook after they “investigate” themselves?

“I’m scared,” Janet says.

“I thought they were going to shoot my husband, and I was really scared for that.”​

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