Sayreville Police Officer Arrested for Obstructing Lens of Dashboard Camera

WOODBRIDGE, NJ — A Sayreville police officer was arrested in Woodbridge recently and is currently under investigation by the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office.

Sayreville Police Officer James P. Pizzillo was arrested in Woodbridge Township on April 8th, while he was in his Sayreville patrol car. Pizzillo was charged with one count of covering up the camera in his patrol car, said James O’Neill, a spokesman for the Middlesex County Prosecutor. That is a fourth-degree charge of tampering.

Pizzillo has been taken off duty while the Middlesex County prosecutor’s office continues its investigation. When asked about the arrest, Sayreville police referred all questions to the Middlesex County Prosecutor and the Woodbridge police department did the same.

Pizzillo is a young police officer and is an Iraq war veteran and comes from a family of law enforcement. He only just joined the Sayreville force back in January of 2015. He His brother is also a Sayreville police officer, and his father is a retired police chief formally with the South Amboy Police Department.