School Cop Slams 12-Yr-Old Girl Into Ground, Handcuffs Unresponsive Body



SAN ANTONIO, TX — A viral video has been spreading on social media channels showing an adult male police officer body slam a 12-yr-old girl face down into the pavement.

A distinct snapping noise can be heard as the girl’s skull makes impact against the ground.

The girl appears to pass unconscious at some point while lying on the ground, her body unresponsive.

Instead of offering her aid, or even turning her body to check on her, the officer keeps her face planted into the ground and begins to restrain her wrists, as one would do to a criminal.

Preliminary reports suggest that the officer thought the girl was going to “try” to kick him, or possibly start a confrontation with another student.

However, multiple reports state that the girl was actually having a peaceful chat with fellow students.

What accounts for the officer’s mistake in perception, if there was one, is yet to be known.

But what we do know is that this is a totally reprehensible way to handle a child.

The officer in question is said to have been suspended, and the incident is now being investigated.

The victim’s mother states that her child has been suffering from severe headaches ever since the incident took place.

Pay close attention to the comment sections on social media as this video continues to spread, as you are likely to encounter a strange influx of “people” posting all manner of justifications for what you see in the video.

It is documented and on record that the US government has agencies who specialize in creating simulated online profiles which are then used to post propaganda in comment sections online, justifying atrocities, and spreading disinformation.

The fact remains: if any of us saw a stranger slam a child into the ground like this, we would judge it to be child abuse and most of us would intervene to save the child.

Does the same action cease to be child abuse if the stranger does it while wearing a special uniform?

The Free Thought Project reports as follows:

Even if this young girl had actually tried to attack this cop, his violent response was entirely uncalled for.

[The girl’s mother] says her daughter is now suffering from severe headaches, and after watching the video it is apparently very clear as to why that is. The officer in the video is Joshua Kehm, according to ghost-0, and when he attempted to stop the alleged quarrel he picked up the small girl and body slammed her face-first into the concrete.

After he slammed her down, the young girl appeared to be knocked unconscious for a moment as Kehm placed her limp arms in handcuffs.

The girl’s mother now fears that the SAISD officer might attack her daughter, or another student, again as he had not been disciplined for this incident.

Watch the video below: