Search These Phrases to See How Disgustingly Horrific the Police State Has Become


WASHINGTON, DC — Part of the beauty of the internet is that we have access to the reality behind appearances.

Not too long ago, we had to depend on mainstream media reporting to us what police were doing on the streets.

We were shocked when we saw the Rodney King beating.

Now that we can be our own media, we realize that there are perhaps hundreds of Rodney Kings per day.

It is too much to keep up with at times.

Police brutality is so prevalent, in fact, that some are concerned that we’re becoming desensitized to it.

Awareness of the role of the institution of police is at an all time high.

More Americans today than ever before realize that the institution of State-monopolized policing is engineered to fleece of our wealth and lock us in cages in for-profit prisons.

The term ‘revenue generator’ is now part of the popular lexicon.

In short, the role of a police force is to transfer more power to the government and ensure that the people less.

We now know that the problem is institutional. Place people with violent tendencies in an institution where they are not held accountable, where they are incentivized to perform initiatory violence, and the result you’ll get is identity to what are now facing.

The brutality has become so horrendous, that no rational person alive today can seriously claim it is due to a “few bad apples.”

A brief experiment online bears this out.

Search for some of these phrases, and you be the judge about how bad things have become.

A search for Officer Rapes yields results such as:

“Man asks police to help passed-out girlfriend, cop rapes her.”

“Cop points gun at girl and starts raping her, saying ‘I’ll kill your family if you tell anyone.”

“Woman had to film herself being raped by a cop so courts would believe her.”

“Third NYPD officer apprehended for raping a teenage girl”

“Cop rapes as many as 20 infants and toddlers”

To name but a few.

Try searching for “Cop shoots dog” and you will see results such as:

“Man heartbroken after cop shoots service dog in the head”

“I’m going to gut this fucking thing — cop slashes dog’s throat while it’s restrained”

“‘Did you see the way its collar flew off? … That was awesome! Cop brags after shooting family dog with shotgun.”

“No charges for cop who used his knee to crush dog’s spine, then threw the dog down a flight of stairs and shot it to death.”

Among thousands of others.

Here are a few more phrases to try out:

“Cop shoots unarmed”

“Officer molests”

“Police beat”

“Cop kills”

Let no one say we are not living in a police state.

Watch the documentary below on “America’s largest street gang”

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