SHOCK VIDEO: Officer Shoots Man Who Put His Hands Up, Man Was Unarmed

levar jones

SOUTH CAROLINA — Officer Sean Groubert has shot an unarmed man after asking the man for his license.

Unedited video footage from Officer Groubert’s dashcam clearly shows that 35-yr-old Levar Jones was unarmed and posed no threat to Officer Groubert.

It began when Officer Groubert decided to pull Levar over for a “seatbelt violation.”

levar jones hands upLevar complied with Officer Groubert and pulled into the parking lot of a nearby gas station.

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The video then shows Officer Groubert exiting his patrol car and demanding that Levar show him his license.

Again Levar is perfectly compliant with Officer Groubert and begins pulling out his license per Officer Groubert’s instructions.

That’s when Levar’s life changed forever.

Officer Groubert whips his handgun out and starts opening fire on Levar.

Even as Levar raised his hands in the air to show that he posed no threat, Officer Groubert can be heard in the video continuing to shoot him again and again.

After being shot, Levar falls over and can be heard moaning in agony. “Why did you shoot me?” he asks Officer Groubert.

“I just got my license, you said get my license and I did.”

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Officer Groubert responded “Bro, you dove head first back into your car.”

Officer Groubert has now been charged with “assault and battery,” rather than attempted murder.

His bond has been set at $75,000.

Levar Jones miraculously survived the shooting with a bullet in his hip. He is still recovering from the injury.

Officer Groubert’s attorney believes that Groubert is “not guilty.”

More details as to whether Officer Groubert is sentenced will be provided as information becomes available from the case.

Watch the video below (warning: graphic)