Six Cops Swarm Man for “Stepping Off Sidewalk”

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

An infuriating video of a man being harassed by San Diego police was uploaded to Youtube highlighting the asinine persecution doled out by those sworn to protect.

In this short video, a man was simply walking down the sidewalk when he noticed multiple cop cars stalking him. So, he began to film them.

The cops had apparently targetted him, and there was nothing that he was going to do to prevent his harassment. While he was filming the police cruisers, the man merely took one step off of the curb and the officers used this as their trigger to attack.

All of the sudden multiple units pull up and swarm this man who had done nothing wrong.

“Did I do anything wrong?” asks the man.

“You stepped off the curb!” assert the cops who are obviously far more interested in shaking down an innocent black man than they are with solving actual crimes.

“You stepped off the curb,” another officer says as if he’s robbed an old lady at gunpoint. The gang of officers then surround the man and place him in handcuffs as the video ends.

This video epitomizes the reason so many people have contempt for police in America. There is no protection here, there is no service. There is only harassment, followed by deprivations of rights, and most likely followed by an act of extortion — for stepping off of a curb.

Meanwhile, the San Diego police department has thousands of untested rape kits they refuse to investigate. After all, why investigate real crime when you can shake down poor people for petty offenses and force them to pay you money?

Below is the video that should be used as training for police in America — to show officers exactly why people are losing faith in the blue line.

Watch the video below: