Small Town Must Pay $1 Million for Cop Slamming Woman Into Concrete


The latest lawsuit to be settled against a former cop accused of police brutality, brings the total amount paid out to his victims to over a million dollars.

Carmen Colon was an employee of the Lawnside Borough, New Jersey and had at least three federal lawsuits against her.

In all of the cases she denies carrying out any civil rights violation as suggested by the prosecutors.

The most recent payment of $ 120,000 was in relation to an incident that took place in September 2010.

Tiffany Gilmore was driving home from a supermarket with her two children, when Colon pulled her after a traffic stop.

She says the cop threw her against her car several times in front of her children.

At the police station the aggressive officer then shoved her against a concrete wall in the police station.

According to Gilmore, she was kept in a holding cell for over six hours.

All charges against her were eventually dropped.

Gilmore filed a lawsuit in 2012 and the case was resolved just days ago.

Colon worked for the Camden city police Department before joining the Lawnside Borough. Her former employer had dismissed her after claiming her work was not satisfactory.

In fact, Gilmore’s lawsuit says she was fired because she was a “substandard employee”.

Another civilian filed a lawsuit against Colon in December 2011. This case was settled for $ 740,000.

Carl Pearson, the owner of a local tavern, claimed that she had issued tickets for several vehicles that were legally parked.

This is the case that led Colon to quit her job in 2013.

In exchange for her resignation the Lawnside police department agreed to dismiss charges of filing a false report and tampering with public records relating to the episode at the local inn.

However, she did not leave without a fight, she sued the borough and ended up receiving a payment of $150,000 – which included wages, damages and legal fees.

It is noteworthy that Lawnside is a small community of around 3,000 people.

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