Staying at Motel 6 Could Land You In A Police Investigation

Motel 6, the chain of  motels that has locations across the entire country, has recently worked out a deal to exchange guest information with police, according to reports.

The supposed justification for giving away the information is that people have been busted for different crimes at various motel locations.

In the tradition of the police state that this country has become, it appears that Motel 6 has caved to the influence of police stations’ appeals to safety, to capitulate and give up the rights of ALL of the people who are purchasing rooms at their establishments without disclosing it to them.

The many are having to pay for the actions of a few.

Motel 6 Corporate has signed a 6 step agreement in which they will now hire a police detail every night, raise the minimum age to rent a room from 18 to 21, employees will undergo training on how to spot crimes, and most disturbingly they will share their guest lists with police departments without disclosing that information to the customer, according to reports.

Technically, any guest there during the time frame that a crime had been going on could be approached by the police and treated as a suspect.

According to reports, this is centered around a particular location in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Police in the area have also stated that they would like to achieve similar cooperation from other establishments in the area.

It is unclear how many of the chains are involved in this practice, but if their corporate had been in contact with police and were willing to cooperate and sign an agreement, it stands to reason that other police stations or even government agencies such as the ATF or DEA would be interested in trying to achieve something similar.

What do you think of this move to share your private information with the police? Is it for your safety, or is it just part of the gradual descent into a police state? Should the many be punished because of the actions of the few? Let us know your opinion after the video: