Dashcam: Man Nearly Blinded After Cop Tasers Him in Eye for No Reason

A man has filed a federal lawsuit against a Fayette County, OH Sheriff’s Deputy for excessive force. Matthew David Kelly was riding with his friend who was pulled over for suspected DUI and arrested by state trooper Bryan Cook. Kelly was asleep in the the passengers seat. Then overzealous deputy, Clinton Sines, came over after Cook … Read more

Smile! You’re on Camera! Surveillance Video Catches Long Island Cops Beating Man

InfoWars | Adan Salazar LONG ISLAND — Disturbing footage has emerged corroborating a Long Island man’s account of a police encounter late last month which left him bruised and bloodied at the hands of two Nassau County cops. On April 25, police pulled over Kyle Howell, 20, from Westbury, for the flimsy pretext of having … Read more

Remember the Cop Who Tased a Handcuffed Woman? American Citizens Just Put Him in the Hospital.

2014/04/20 MCALESTER — Do you remember the cop that tasered a handcuffed woman in the chest while his buddies just stood there and watched? Her name is Nakina Williams. RELATED: Cop Who Killed Homeless Man Shows His Face in Restaurant, Americans Make Him Leave His name is Officer Sterling Taylor of the McAlester Police Department, and … Read more

Elderly Man Calls 911 to Help His Wife, Cops Show Up and Beat Him

HUMANSVILLE — Elbert Breshears’s wife suffers from dementia and they needed some medical help, so Mr. Brashears called an ambulance. However, it was not paramedics that showed up first. It was the cops. RELATED: Cop Breaks Into Man’s House, Says “You answer to ME!” and Reaches for Gun “My wife and I were standing about … Read more

Video: Riot Cop Brutally Attacks Female Student For No Reason

Witnesses claim Tucson cops started violence; Police “were all dressed up for a riot and had no riot to go to” Steve Watson | Infowars.com Videos uploaded to YouTube over the weekend show cops in Arizona intentionally inciting violence following a basketball game Saturday night by firing pepper rounds into crowds of students and attacking innocent bystanders … Read more

Cops Dogpile and Attack Innocent Man Over Bus Ticket

UPDATE (12/5/14): While state-run media has been acting like police brutality is a “new thing,” we feel that it’s important to remember that police have been doing this for decades.  This incident originally occurred earlier this year and never got any attention. One of the officers places the man in a brief chokehold but then … Read more

Cops Beat an Innocent Man, Tried to Lock Him Away for 5 Years — Until Chilling Dashcam Footage Saved Him

NEW JERSEY — A disturbing video has surfaced showing officers pounding an innocent man in his face while yelling “Stop resisting!” Police originally claimed that Marcus Jeter of Bloomfield, NJ was trying to “escape” from them when they pulled him over. They also claimed that he was “resisting” and trying to “assault” them. It turns … Read more

Mother Dragged on Ground and Attacked for Filming Cop

2014/02/18 MIAMI — Brandy Berning, a Florida mother, is seeking justice after she was pulled over by officer O’Brien for a traffic stop on the I-95 going northbound. She decided to be responsible for her safety and begin recording on her cell phone as the officer approached her vehicle. Once he got to her window, … Read more

Police Beat Father to Death in Front of His Wife and Daughter, Steal Daughter’s Camera Afterwards

2014/02/17 OKLAHOMA — A daughter never expected what would happen to her father as he took her and her mother out for Valentine’s Day. Luis Rodriguez was at a movie theater with his wife and daughter. His wife, Nair, and his daughter, Lunahi, got in an argument during the movie. Nair ended up walking out … Read more

[WATCH] Woman Brutally Beaten at Traffic Stop by Sheriff and then Charged with “Assault”

  2014/02/14 Simona Tibu was beaten within an inch of her life after a routine traffic stop. This Camrose dentist says that the assault occurred after she was driving home from work, and was pulled over by an Alberta sheriff for speeding. She has now launched a formal plea to see charges filed against the officer. … Read more

Cop Who Killed Kelly Thomas Seen in Restaurant, Americans Make Him Leave

CALIFORNIA — Manuel Ramos, the cop  seen on video beating Kelly Thomas to death, had to leave a place of business last weekend. Nationwide outrage was sparked when Ramos and his partner Jay Cicinelli were found “not guilty” of murder, despite beating the mentally ill homeless man to death as he begged for his life. … Read more

Officer Attacks 10-yr-old Child, Breaks Child’s Leg for Filming Cops

2014/02/10 BROOKLYN — A mother and her 10-yr-old child have been traumatized after an officer entered their home and broke the child’s leg for filming cops. It began in the morning when Courtney Silvera, 10, was eating his breakfast cereal and heard pounding on the front door. As he approached, he found that his grandmother … Read more