[WATCH] “You Don’t” Have Free Speech! — Cop Says to American Filming Him

2014/02/25 MARYLAND — A chilling video has surfaced showing  a cop yelling at an American citizen, saying “NO YOU DON’T!” when the American asserted “I have free speech.” Officers can be seen waddling angrily in the streets and arresting people left and right. RELATED: Pompous Cops on Power Trip, Shamed by Man Who Knows His … Read more

Cops Beat an Innocent Man, Tried to Lock Him Away for 5 Years — Until Chilling Dashcam Footage Saved Him

NEW JERSEY — A disturbing video has surfaced showing officers pounding an innocent man in his face while yelling “Stop resisting!” Police originally claimed that Marcus Jeter of Bloomfield, NJ was trying to “escape” from them when they pulled him over. They also claimed that he was “resisting” and trying to “assault” them. It turns … Read more

Cop Profited from Ex-Wives Who Paid to Set Up Men for “DUI” Arrests,

CONTRA COSTA — Sheriff’s deputy Stephen Tanabe has been convicted of aiding in the set up of multiple men who were enticed by women to drive with alcohol. Attractive actresses would go into bars and pressure men to drink and then leave in their cars, according to reports. Tanabe would wait outside and as soon … Read more

Mother Dragged on Ground and Attacked for Filming Cop

2014/02/18 MIAMI — Brandy Berning, a Florida mother, is seeking justice after she was pulled over by officer O’Brien for a traffic stop on the I-95 going northbound. She decided to be responsible for her safety and begin recording on her cell phone as the officer approached her vehicle. Once he got to her window, … Read more

Admin Pay for Cop who Faced Charges of Drunkenly Hitting Cyclist and Fleeing

CHICAGO — Officer Michael Bergeson has been acquitted of felony charges of leaving the scene of an accident and filing a false police report. Clayton Meyer and his girlfriend Nina Pilacoutas were both cycling home after work when they reached an intersection with stop signs. According to Meyer, the boyfriend, officer Bergeson was speeding and … Read more

SCANDAL: Scores of Officers Caught Stealing Money From Death of 9/11 Victims

2014/01/08 NEW YORK — In a breaking scandal that is causing outrage across the nation, over 70 police officers have now been caught for fraudulently profiting off of the 9/11 tragedy — stealing money that belonged to 9/11 victims. Many of the officers were known as “heroes.” It has now been discovered that they were … Read more

BREAKING: Another Government Chemist Accused of Deception, Over 180,000 Cases Now Need Review

BOSTON — The Annie Dookhan deception continues to unfold. Dookhan was a government chemist who tampered with thousands of cases, creating fake “evidence” that caused the imprisonment of countless innocent Americans. These innocent men and women were rounded up and locked in prison cages while prosecutors scored successful “convictions” because of Dookhan’s fake evidence. Many lost … Read more

Officer Charged for Gruesome Murder Spree, Slashing Mother’s Throat

After nearly two decades, a now-former officer has been caught in a case involving the gruesome slayings of two women. The now-former officer Edward T. Carter, 43, is being charged with two counts of murder. The charges stem from the 1994 killings of Candace Belt, 22, and Gloria Ross, 18, both of whom worked at the … Read more

Government Chemist Tampered With 40,000 Cases, Locking Countless Innocent Americans in Prison

UPDATE 1/3/16 – Multiple Victims Don’t Know They Were Affected by the Fake Lab Results Years after government chemist Annie Dookhan faked evidence against thousands of Americans, there is still a long trail of lives she destroyed, and the government is evidently not cleaning up the mess. Disturbingly, there are still numerous innocent people locked in … Read more