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Video: This Ex-Cop Owns These Cops When They Try to Harass Him

The Free Thought Project 2014/05/12 CANTON — Police detained a man because he allegedly “fit the description” of a someone exposing themselves in the area. The cops said they were

Smile! You’re on Camera! Surveillance Video Catches Long Island Cops Beating Man

InfoWars | Adan Salazar LONG ISLAND — Disturbing footage has emerged corroborating a Long Island man’s account of a police encounter late last month which left him bruised and bloodied

Cleveland Police Confiscate Children’s Basketball Hoop

InfoWars | Michael Thalen Woman ticketed, threatened with arrest for buying children hoop. CLEVELAND — A Cleveland woman is speaking out after police officers confiscated a basketball hoop she purchased

Cop Breaks Into Man’s Home, Tackles Him, says “You answer to ME!” and Reaches for Gun

JEFFERSON PARISH — A disturbing video has surfaced online showing a police officer breaking into a man’s home and tackling the man for no apparent reason. The man, who has

Police Chief to Fly Drones Over American Cities to “Keep you Safe”

ST. LOUIS –Sam Dotson, a police chief in St. Louis, has alarmed citizens after announcing his desire to deploy drones over American cities. The “unmanned aerial observation units” would be

Cops Dogpile and Attack Innocent Man Over Bus Ticket

UPDATE (12/5/14): While state-run media has been acting like police brutality is a “new thing,” we feel that it’s important to remember that police have been doing this for decades.

Jogging Woman Arrested and Dragged Into Squad Car for Crossing Street Without ID

2014/02/21 AUSTIN — A video has surfaced showing an athletic woman being harassed and arrested by two officers as she cried “I didn’t do anything wrong.” The woman was jogging

Trooper Harassed After Pulling Over Speeding Cop, Now Suing Over 100 Cops

FLORIDA — Officer Watts of the Florida Highway patrol has filed a lawsuit against over 100 cops for harassing her to the point of putting her in a life-threatening situation,

Cop Handcuffs Firefighter for Trying to Save Car Crash Victims

2014/02/06 CHULA VISTA — A shocking video has surfaced showing a police officer arresting a firefighter for trying to give aid to victims of a car accident. Jacob Gregoire, the

“I Felt It POP” — Cop Ruptures Innocent Boy’s Testicles

PHILADELPHIA — Communities have erupted in protest after a black 16-yr-old boy was sexually assaulted by a police officer so violently that it ruptured his testicles. It’s possible that he

Crazed Cop Pulls Gun on Teenager for Taking Too Long at McDonald’s

2014/01/13 FORSYTH — A teenage boy was terrified when a  police officer aimed a loaded pistol at him in a McDonald’s drive-thru. The boy, Ryan Mash, was simply waiting to

Cop Charged With Official Oppression for Beating Entire Family & Kicking Their Dog

2014/01/07 HARRIS COUNTY – An officer has finally been indicted on official oppression after he was caught on video beating an entire family and kicking their dog. It began when

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