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Officers Starved and Shot Rancher’s Animals to Death and Threw Corpses in Holes

WARNING: THE IMAGES YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE ARE EXTREMELY GRAPHIC “I feel that this needs to be put out for the public to see” Mikael Thalen | Infowars.com New

Fleeing a Stalker in Uniform: The Sherri Watson Story

William Grigg | Pro Libertate GENOLA — Chad Black professes to be terrified by Sherri Watson, his neighbor in Genola, Utah. A June 2011 stalking petition filed by Black claims that he

Police “Bots” Will be Deployed in Cities for “Behavioral Analysis” on Citizens (VIDEO)

Lev Grossman | Time Knightscope K5 promises enhanced policing capabilities, courts controversy. Have we as a species learned nothing from Robocop? A Silicon Valley company called Knightscope is currently testing a prototype robot designed to

Cop Tries to Shoot Dog, Ends Up Shooting Himself

Adan Salazar | Infowars.com 2014/04/20 A California sheriff’s deputy is feeling the sting of humiliation after he attempted to shoot a fenced-in dog, but failed, succeeding only in shooting himself.

Elderly Man Calls 911 to Help His Wife, Cops Show Up and Beat Him

HUMANSVILLE — Elbert Breshears’s wife suffers from dementia and they needed some medical help, so Mr. Brashears called an ambulance. However, it was not paramedics that showed up first. It

Armed Stand-Off Happening Right Now in Nevada Between Cowboys and Cops

Events ongoing since April 7, 2014. List of updates: 4/7:  Bundy Family Refuses to Submit, 200 Officers and Snipers Surround the Property 4/9:  Cowboys and Family Confront Officers, Officers Run

Video: Riot Cop Brutally Attacks Female Student For No Reason

Witnesses claim Tucson cops started violence; Police “were all dressed up for a riot and had no riot to go to” Steve Watson | Infowars.com Videos uploaded to YouTube over the weekend

Cop Says “Awesome!” After Using Shotgun to Blast Family’s Dog in the Head

“I blew her head off… that was awesome!” — Officer Wooley, according to reports Change.org | Jackson Parker Cali was a fun-loving, caring, peaceful family dog. On March 19, 2014,

American Tries to Walk Away from Police, He is Shot in the Head and Killed

LewRockwell.com | William N. Grigg A North Vegas Police Officer shot and killed a 38-year-old man for the supposed crime of walking away from a cop. David L. Robinson was shot in the

Cop Raped as Many as Twenty Infants/Toddlers: Report

BOISE — Communities and families were deeply shaken after learning that now-former Officer Stephen Young confessed to a gruesome case of sexual abuse. Officials stated that he likely raped up to 20

Think Cops Won’t Declare War Against You? They Already Have…

WASHINGTON, DC — The United States Government is now equipping police departments across the country with 13,000 high-powered, mine-resistant military units, according to a newly released video report by Blomberg (below).

Police Getting Ready to Confiscate Guns From Americans in Connecticut

WeAreChange.org | Luke Rudowski Gun confiscation is one step closer in Connecticut. The mainstream media spins it as “one more chance” for non-compliant gun owners who failed to register their