Think Cops Won’t Declare War Against You? They Already Have…

WASHINGTON, DC — The United States Government is now equipping police departments across the country with 13,000 high-powered, mine-resistant military units, according to a newly released video report by Blomberg (below). These Mine Resistant Ambush-Protected (MRAP) units were used in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Each MRAP weighs over 20 tons and is designed to protect … Read more

Police Getting Ready to Confiscate Guns From Americans in Connecticut | Luke Rudowski Gun confiscation is one step closer in Connecticut. The mainstream media spins it as “one more chance” for non-compliant gun owners who failed to register their scary guns before the January 1 deadline. RELATED: Police Raid Veteran’s Home With Armored Truck After He Used Toy Gun in His Own Backyard In … Read more

Police Raid Soldier’s House With Armored Truck After He Used His Toy Gun in His Own Backyard

HARRIS COUNTY – A veteran of the Iraq war and active duty soldier was shocked when dozens of SWAT officers and police locked down the neighborhood and raided his home on Monday afternoon. They rushed in his house with their guns drawn and ready to fire. It happened after the soldier used his toy pellet … Read more

Mother Devastated after Cop Fatally Shoots Her Soldier Son

NEW YORK — Noel Polanco was a soldier who wanted to protect his country. That all changed one night as he was driving home. Officer  Hassan Hamdy pulled Noel over at a traffic stop. The officer claimed that Noel had been driving “recklessly.” Noel never expected what would happen next. He was shot in the chest … Read more

[WATCH] Cops Execute 80-yr-old Man in his Own Bed During Botched Raid

(2/12/14) LOS ANGELES — Eugene Mallory was an 80-yr-old retired engineer who was respected and loved by his community. He often helped his neighbors and struck up conversations to offer them the wisdom of his life experiences. All of that came to an end early one morning as numerous officers bashed in his front door … Read more

STUDY: Officers Involved in Half of Reported Sexual Assaults in Prison

The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) has released a new study showing that at least 51% of the reported sexual assaults in prison involve guards and staff. The guards and staff involved in the reports are rarely if ever prosecuted. Only 1% of the staff responsible for the sexual misconduct has been convicted. The majority … Read more

Man With Disassembled Toy Gun With Orange Cap Shot in the Head by Cop

YAKIMA — A man has been shot in the head and killed by a police officer while sitting in his car with a disassembled toy gun. It was a toy airsoft gun with a bright orange cap and it was separated into different pieces, according to reports. The man was peaceful and was simply on … Read more

American Citizen Labeled “Trash,” Hanged to Death in Police Custody

UPDATE: Cops File Restraining Order Against Coroner, Prevent Further Investigation into Hanging Death Zachary Goldson was called “trash” by police and found to be hanged to death in their custody. Before his death by hanging, police were also heard saying “Yeah, this motherfucker is getting a welcome party when we get to jail.” Dr. Judith … Read more