Teen Boy Beaten With Baton, Swarmed by Nine Cops … for Jaywalking


STOCKTON, CA — A video has emerged showing a swarm of nine officers using force against a lone teenager.

His crime?


Onlookers stated that before the footage starts, there was a cop commanding the teen to sit down.

Apparently the teen continued walking across the street to make it on time to his bus.

His “authority” ignored, the cop then blew up and began grabbing the teen boy’s arm, initiating violence.

The boy did not strike back but merely continued walking, something which seems to have enraged the officer even more.

Once the footage begins the cop can be seen swinging a baton into the teen, beating him.

A witness can be heard screaming “It’s a fucking kid!”

“Get off him. He’s just jaywalking. Leave him alone, he didn’t do anything wrong!”

But the cop ignores these pleas from a citizen and has the audacity to scream “Stop resisting!” to the boy.

Cops are trained to scream “Stop resisting” as a catch-all phrase that will allow them to claim in a court that they were justified in beating or even killing a citizen.

The boy is visibly shaken up and traumatized, covering his face as citizens nearby watch.

That is when several officers, at least eight more, can be seen swarming in like wolves, piling onto the harmless boy, and blocking witnesses from the scene that was unfolding.

That brings it to a total of nine officers that are needed just to stop a boy from crossing the street.

The scene ends with the boy being forced into handcuffs and taken away.

Watch the video below:

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