Teen Facing Unbelievable LIFE SENTENCE for Making Pot Brownies


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Another 19-year-old facing a hefty punishment in Williamson County spoke with FOX 7 Wednesday.

Jacob Lavoro was arrested in April for making pot brownies.

Wednesday afternoon a judge reset the hearing for his case.

Lavoro faces up to life in prison for pot brownies and cookies.

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“All my personal freedoms were taken away from me and whether that was their intent or not, it happened,” said Jacob Lavoro.

Lavoro was arrested in April and charged with possession of marijuana.

He was also charged with the manufacture and delivery of baked goods which contained hash oil.

Since then it’s been a waiting game.

Wednesday’s hearing at the Williamson County Courthouse was reset, which is taking a toll on Lavoro and his family.

“Needless to say, it’s made me really depressed. Other than that, it showed me who’s my friends and who’s not my friends,” said Lavoro.

“Can you imagine hugging your son goodbye and for him to serve a life sentence. Five years, two years, a year for marijuana? C’mon, it’s ridiculous. I’m getting angry. I’m getting angry at Williamson County. They’ve got to stop this. Stop being so political with it,” said Joe Lavoro, Jacob’s father.

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The delay is because Round Rock Police had initially calculated the weight of the illegal substance along with the brownie mix and Tupperware.

Lab results came back Wednesday showing the actual weight of the THC content but not in time for Lavoro’s court hearing.

It will soon be presented to a grand jury, who will then decide if Lavaro should be indicted.

Defense Attorney Jack Holmes says it will be a struggle.

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