Woman Films Cop Forcing His Way Into Her Bedroom and Raping Her: Report

CORAL SPRINGS, FL — A woman who was in total desperation has filmed a Florida police officer raping her, according to reports.

Officer Zachary Thomas Bailey was caught raping the woman after showing up at her home, reports say.

The first reported rape was not filmed. It happened when Officer Bailey was working as a parole officer at the time and told the woman that he needed to access into her home.

Once he was able to get inside her home, however, Officer Bailey is said to have forced the woman into her bedroom and blocked her from leaving.

That’s when the unthinkable happened.

Having her trapped in the bedroom, Officer Bailey forced both his hands down underneath the front of the woman’s pants, according to reports.

The woman began struggling and fighting against him to stop, “You can’t do that! What are you doing?!” she remembers saying.

At that point, Officer Bailey left.

But the woman’s pain was far from over.

The next day, Officer Bailey went back to her home and forced his way into her bedroom again.

Only this time, the woman managed to turn her cellphone on and record what he was doing to her.

Officer Bailey stripped his clothes off and ordered her to open her mouth and begin sucking on his sexual organ.

The woman immediately refused, and that’s when Officer Bailey put on a condom and proceeded to rape her, reports say.

His used condom was found at the scene and collected as evidence.

The woman was heard in the video screaming “This is rape! This is rape! I don’t want you to do this!”

Officer Bailey has been fired from the Florida Department of Corrections as of Wednesday.

Officer Bailey worked as a cop for over 20 years and likely came into contact with thousands of women during that time.

Investigators have called upon anymore potential victims to come forward if Officer Bailey raped them.

Watch the video below: