Texas Corrections Officer Who Raped Hospital Inmate Gets 5 Years Probation

A former correctional officer in Texas, Jason D. Holmes was formerly employed at the Texas Department Criminal Justice’s hospital in Galveston. Back in 2015 an inmate at the hospital made a criminal complaint that Mr. Holmes sexually assaulted her twice. He was recently found guilty violating the civil rights of a person in custody and sentenced.

According to the victim, Holmes entered her cell and asked her if she would have sex with him. She told him he was frightening her and denied his advances. He then proceeded to molest her after she had clearly told him no. She reported to the police that he then left the cell but returned about an hour later to force himself on her again. She said she attempted to push him away, but he continued to force himself on her, assaulting her for a second time.

Holmes tells a different story and insists that the sex with the prisoner was totally consensual. What he failed to realize is that even if there was consent, it’s still illegal for guards to engage in sexual contact with the inmates. It is a criminal offense, hence the violating of the civil rights charge.

However Mr. Holmes did not get any jail time. absolutely none, Why is that? Because Holmes was a correctional officer. It is just one more piece of evidence on a long list of incidences of the justice system protecting those who they work alongside. This man used his authority to rape a woman, not to mention a woman who couldn’t even try to escape his advances because she was locked up in a cell.

Instead, Holmes will be on probation for five years. I don’t think the same punishment would apply to the average rapist. Rapists are sent to jail almost every day, but when they are cops its often a different outcome.

Source: countercurrentnews.com

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