Texas Judge Grants Qualified Immunity to Cop who Shot Innocent Man’s Dog before Detaining him at Gunpoint

But rather than wait outside for the other responding officers, Walsh drove his vehicle past a marked property line, which extended a distance from the storage unit, and exited and approached Reyes’ vehicle on foot.

When he got close to Reyes’ unit, Shiner Bock barked as Walsh spotted the dog.

“Don’t move! Get back!” Walsh commanded.

Shiner barked again just before Walsh fatally shot him in the chest.

Reyes was forced to lay face down while handcuffed and watch his dog bleed to death.

“Your dog is dead,” Walsh told Reyes after inquiring about his dog during his detainment.

“I had him nine years,” Reyes described, recalling the friendly nature of his dog.

“I never had an incident.”

Reyes, who runs the youtube channel Lizzardo Gitanticus and Facebook page Support for Shiner Bock,  said despite ruling against him, he still thinks Judge Pitman is a good judge whose hands are unfortunately tied by bad case law.

But said he’s looking forward to his day in court to prove his case about the illegal detainment, which he explains in the videos below.

Source: http://photographyisnotacrime.com

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