The Four Best Ways to Become Invisible to “Big Brother”


Legal note: the information below is for entertainment only and it is not advice.


1. Disinformation and Misdirection.

Many assume that being totally untraceable is the best answer. They will tell you to stay off social media, for example. That is not necessarily the case. If there are no traces of you online, you will stick out like a sore thumb. It will draw curiosity as to who you are and what you are up to during your day-to-day life. A better way is engineer the parts of “you” that are traceable, a kind of misdirection. Keep your social media profile or start a new one, and begin sharing content that leads prying eyes to construct an inaccurate psychological profile of you, keeping them focused on the left hand while you move with the right hand.


2. Bartering and Buying.
Stick to currencies like bitcoin or cash to purchase what you need. Buying with credit cards can leave enough activity available for interested parties to study your patterns of activity and character based on the items you buy, when you buy them, and where. Consider changing your buying habits — buy different items, buy in different locations. Also consider options to barter and exchange services instead of relying on any currency at all.

3. Stealth and Anti-surveillance for Your Smart Device.
Invest in a Faraday enclosure for your smartphone. Many “gurus” will recommend getting rid of your smartphone altogether. But this puts you at a disadvantage. You want to be able to have the information you need at your fingertips. You want to keep your apps and your photos and your ability to communicate with those closest to you. Yet, you want to be untraceable. The best way to achieve both ends is by investing in a reliable anti-surveillance or “Faraday” case for your phone. Stay away from products that use silver lining or aluminum. You will need copper, which is one of the strongest EMF-shielding materials around. Tunnel cases are the best for this. Tunnel allows you to hide your location and data, while still being able to take your phone out and use it when you need to.

4. More Spontaneity might be better than leaving everything behind.
Changing your patterns can be better than saying goodbye to all of your friends and escaping to the hills. It is hard to find places that are more than 100 miles removed civilization. Believe it or not, staying put may be the best option given your circumstances. But you will want to avoid falling into any predictable patterns. Change the route you drive to work, change your shopping habits, change your day-to-day schedule, insert more spontaneity in your life, and it will be that much harder for prying eyes to perform pattern analysis on you. If anything, you will throw them off.

Watch Truman insert a little spontaneity into his life and completely throw a monkey wrench into the “grid.”


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