The Reason We Have a Police State


A dozen reasons could be given for why we observe the present police state. Such as:

  • The police began dressing in black and militarizing themselves in the 1990’s, and through small, incremental steps conditioned us to accept this as normal.
  • The government doesn’t listen to us and doesn’t hold police accountable, so police have no incentive to behave responsibly or morally.
  • The drug war and the prison industrial complex allowed police to increase their budgets for weaponry and harsher restrictions, and they give police career boosts for locking up more citizens for victimless crimes.
  • The modern American is too apathetic and senseless to care about important issues like police abuse, so the problem continues to grow unchecked.

And many more besides.

Probably all of those reasons, or a combination thereof, do lead us to the present predicament. They all have truth to them.

But there’s another reason — perhaps the MAIN reason — and it’s rarely mentioned. And it’s something you can control right now.

Larken Rose , author of the landmark book The Most Dangerous Superstitionmakes it crystal clear in the video below.

If you do nothing else today, watch this video, let it sink in, and give it to everybody you know.

You might begin to see things very differently.