This Blind Man Just Won $400,000 After a Cop Slammed His Head Into Counter Top


Denver police have declared that a cop was following procedure when he slammed a 77-year-old blind man’s head on a counter.

Now, a jury that took less than a day to deliberate has decided that Phillip White should be awarded $400,000 for the ill-treatment doled out to him by officer Kyllion Chafin.

The elderly gentleman was in a strange city and looking for help.

Ironically, the retired school administrator with a Masters degree in education was at a conference to discuss technical advancements available to assist visually impaired persons.

On the afternoon of May 20, 2012 he was waiting to board a Greyhound bus, which was supposed to go to Vail where a van would then take him home to Eagle.

However, he was told that the bus was full.

For White, this was not the best position to be in. So, he decided to discuss it with employees at the Greyhound terminal.

Shortly after a security guard told him that he was trespassing and had to leave the site.

Then the guard called the police.

White, too, decided to do the same to help him find a way to get home.

Officer Chafin arrived following the security guard’s phone call when the blind man was also on the phone with the police.

The cop interrupted him and identified himself as a member of law enforcement.

As is common practice with blind folk, the senior citizen asked to feel Chafin‘s badge so he could make sure that he was indeed a police officer.

Commentators and observers say it is a no-brainer that someone who is visually impaired would resort to touching an object to make out what it is.

Nonetheless, for the officer this was unacceptable - instead he yanked White’s arms behind his back and pushed him forward so hard that his crashed onto the ticket counter.

As a result the man suffered a deep gash to his forehead, which left him bleeding. Then, Chafin handcuffed his victim and put him behind bars.

Eight hours later the aged man, who had up until this point not even had a single confrontation with police, was released without any criminal charges.

Darold Killmer was White’s attorney in the case. He says the police officer brutalized a senior citizen and left him significantly injured.

“The police officer's aggressive, bullying response was inexcusable,” he commented.

On the other hand Sonny Jackson spokesperson for Denver police says although the respect the decision, his department could not find a breach of guidelines in the incident.

"We reviewed the case. We didn't find any violations of policy.

We are always looking for ways to improve."

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