This Brave Man Sees Cop Beating Woman, Tackles Cop to the Ground and Subdues Him



LOUISVILLE — Louis Mossey was minding his own business and enjoying the night of the super bowl.

He never expected to see a police officer begin attacking a woman.

Officer Jonathan Osborne is awaiting charges after beating a woman, according to reports.

Mossey recounts seeing a vehicle in a parking lot with a male and female. The male was Officer Osborne.

Officer Osborne was yelling at the female in the car, his wife.

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“The next thing I knew, he took two steps toward her and punched her in the jaw,” Mossey said.

Rather than standing around and filming the abuse on his phone, Mossey trusted his instincts and intervened to save the woman.

“I just did what I thought was right. I just couldn’t stand to see somebody get hurt,” said Mossey.

“I know normally somebody’s quick to grab your phones out and record it, but I just can’t bear to see somebody treated like that. I just couldn’t do it,” he added.

The woman was knocked to the ground by Officer Osborne. As she was trying to get up, he then kicked her face, according to reports.

“Before I knew it, she was trying to get up off her knees and he took two steps forward her and kicked her right in the head. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it,” Mossey said.

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Adding “I noticed he had her in a choke hold and he was standing behind her and her feet were barely touching the ground and I didn’t know if he was trying to kill her or what.”

That’s when Mossey charged at the Officer. He successfully did a take down on the Officer and then gained a full mount on top of the Officer.

He was able to keep Officer Osborne on the ground and controlled.

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“I sat there for about 10 minutes,” said Mossey. Mossey broke his wrist when he performed the take down, an injury for which he was treated afterwards, but he was able to dominate the cop without the cop escaping.

Officer Osborne was taken to jail after the 10 minutes.

He is now in court while official charges are determined.

Watch the video below:

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